Sunday, 7 April 2013
I have just finished moving my pregnancy journey over and the first 10 days of J's life in NICU. Just reading these back has made me so emotional, and I know I have another 7 weeks and 3 days worth of memories to type up for the page!

I keep saying to myself, if my story gives others hope then all these tears are worth it , though the emotions are coming flooding back

On a less emotional note I have recently purchased a Mamas and Papas Baby Bud booster seat for J which I will be writing a review on.

 I have also brought J a 7" tablet for his birthday in just over a week, ( that's the geeky mummy coming out) which I will also write a review after he has used it for a little while, though have already pre-loaded it with all the learning applications he uses on my tablet and phone.. maybe getting him this tablet, there is the very slight hope that I can use my tablet when he is around without being nagged to let him play his games.


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