Saturday, 6 April 2013
I started a blog back in 2011 but with returning to work after maternity leave, my focus was on a new role at work, being a mum and all the other general stuff. Now with my little man nearly turning 2, I think its time I start it fresh.

I plan to put the pages I had up on the other blog over here about my journey into motherhood, and my little boys fight in NICU and SCBU.  I feel this is a story worth sharing and hopefully providing some hope to others, from multiple miscarriages and nearly giving up on ever being a mum. Through a nervous but successful pregnancy to the heartache and joys of a premature baby that came home!

I am a seriously geeky mum, and not ashamed to admit it, loving my tech and also programming. Being a mum has driven me to start to create some android apps for children( though haven't used the languages they are written in for a long time so may see some ranting over my attempts with this!)

This blog is going to be the general thoughts of a mum, wife & woman, the ups and downs, the lot!

Also will provide some reviews, from children's stuff & family days out and also gadgets, in more of a ' how they are to live with view'.

Just a little about me, I am a 30 something Aussie living in the UK, married to my English husband, with a little boy and a stepson, I am a full time working mum, with my husband as a stay at home dad.

So welcome to my little world of insanity ;-)


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