Wednesday, 10 April 2013
With J's birthday on Monday, my mind has been in overdrive, wondering where the time has gone!

When I was young I can remember it feeling like forever for the next day to come, and feeling like it is years away until my next birthday or when I would see my grandparents again. Now as a adult and a mum time seems on fast forward 100x speed!

I can remember sitting each day in the hospital, looking at J through the clear plastic of the incubator like it was yesterday. Sitting from early morning till late at night listening to the stat monitor, waiting until the next time he was doing well enough that I could hold him. This is the only time in adulthood that time seemed to revert back to childhood speed, each second feeling like a hour.

I can remember like it was yesterday I was being told I could finally take him home, at 4lb 6oz my tiny boy that looked like I had just put him in a giant car seat! So scared but so happy at the same time, leaving the hospital for the first time after nearly 9 weeks with my little boy was so surreal.

To think that he will be 2 very soon makes me think where has the time gone? I think from the moment if getting him home, my time went back to fast forward and I think it sped up even faster !


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