Sunday, 19 May 2013


What a weekend, J had started climbing out of his cot, he only did it once on Thursday where he fell out but that was enough! Luckily when he climbed and fell out, Dave was re-stacking the nappy stacker and had the box of new nappies out and open, and that was what he fell onto.

Time to move into a bed:

I was a concerned putting him into a bed, for a couple of reasons;
We have a good routine where he self settles after cuddles for his nap and sleep over night, and worried he wouldn't still do that when he can get out of bed. He also tended to maneuver himself to sleep along the headboard of the cot so could he keep falling out of bed.  These concerns outweighed the risk of him climbing and hurting himself, so I dismantled the cot and turned it into a bed on Saturday.

I was counting my blessings that I decided to get a cotbed and not just a cot, so the conversion only took me around 40 minutes

I took the opportunity to sort his room out a little as well.

Now it was done, would my concerns I had come to fruitation?

When it was bed time, I took him up and did the same routine as normal, bottle, cuddles then bed.  I put our travel cot mattress on the floor next to his bed in case he fell, and put him to bed.  I layed on the floor next to the bed for a little while, then told him night night and closed the door.  

He did have a little cry and something went bang, so went to check on him and he just looked at me and smiled. I told him to lay down and it was sleep time and he did, within minutes he was asleep

When he woke up this morning, I could hear him chatting and playing with toys on the monitor, so I assumed he got off his bed and wandered to his toys, to my surprise he was sat on his bed and the toys in his boxes wern't out at all, so I don't think he got off the bed.

Today, each time he has gone into his room, the first thing he does is climb up on his bed and sits on it. Nap time today went without a hitch and he self settled like normal tonight!

The left over cot bits:

I decided that the extra bits of J's cot that was taken off, I would reuse and make a babygate for the top of the stairs, as couldn't use a normal baby gate because of the stairs and my mobility issues - I was pleased with myself


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