Sunday, 12 May 2013
I know I haven’t posted for a while, but so many things to do over the last couple of weeks and just not enough time in the day to do everything ! 

J has turned 2!! had a little party at my house with the friends and babies I met in special care, the sunday before his birthday. We did have the plan to all meet up at a play gym but there had been quite a few cases of hand,foot and mouth and since J gets affected really badly by any virus he get ( having spent a few times in hospital with simple viruses) decided I would hold it at home at the last minute. I did enjoy turning my front room into a mini play gym though!

On his birthday we took him to Tropical World in Leeds, and that is a good value day out, though still had renovations happening, J still enjoyed it loads, then took him to build a bear at the build-a-bear workshop in the White Rose Centre.

He got some nice presents including the tablet we brought him new from ebay. Now he has had it for a few weeks and being using it quiet frequently , have started a review on this one so watch this space!

If work, being a mum and  a step mum doesn’t keep me busy enough, I had to apply for permanent residency in the UK, also called indefinite leave to remain as my visa here ends on the 22nd of may.

At least now with the application lodged, I can continue to work as my visa status continues even after it runs out while the Home Office decides my application. Having it lodged has taken a semi weight off my shoulders, as we are a single income family, so me having to give up work would put us in a bit of a pickle. Crossing everything they accept my application!

Things should calm down a bit ( touching wood here) so I can blog more again as have a few reviews I want to do; including Zoodles( an kids app on both mobile devices and pc's) the tablet and a smart trike. Also would like to work on the theme of my blog to make it more 'me'.


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