Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It is time to say goodbye to 2013, and as I was thinking about 2013 and all that its thrown at me, my family and close friends, some good, some fantastic, then some bad and some horrible. I didn't realise how much happened in 2013, so to summarise it briefly:

I saw 2013 in, on morphine due to pain
Found out I was pregnant, after scan seen a heartbeat beating away, then a week later started to miscarry ( and a prolonged miscarriage as well)
Husband had a hernia operation that went successfully and he healed quickly
J turned 2 and had a wonderful birthday
J had his language and understanding test which he failed ( but later on caught up to a degree)
Stepson found out his grandmother had cancer, lungs, ovaries and brain, in April, she passed away in September
A friend and colleague took his own life at only 40
A couple of days after my colleague, another friend in his early 40s died of a blood clot
I applied for Indefinite leave to remain in the UK in pay ( was granted it in October YAY !!!)
J got discharged from his Consultant, he had been under since discharge from neonatal care ( YAY but scary ! )
J's 2 year development check went better than could hope
My uncle from Home came over to the UK  who I hadn't seen in over 11 years, and he is the only member of my family my Hubby and the boys have gotten to meet ( though did leave me home sick but was fabulous at same time )
2 of my friends suffered miscarriages
2 friends had failed IVF
A friend's husband left her
Met one of my neighbours, who become friends with ( who the poor lady ended up getting evicted due to no fault of her own and having a crap Christmas)
Had a breast cancer scare and a DVT scare
Had a fantastic Christmas at home, seeing J's face made it so perfect

(a lot more also happened  but just pulled out a few key things for 2013)

So as I say goodbye to 2013, and hope that 2014 will bring us a lot more happier times :)

( as you see above is why my blog kinda left dormant for a while, but as one of my new year resolutions to get back to this you should hear more from me ! )

Happy new year everyone !


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