Friday, 1 January 2016
So today is  the first day of 2016 and have I made resolutions? gone for a walk? or done something constructive ? .. the answer is no. I have spent most of today resting and sleeping on the sofa

Not from having a late night seeing new years in, I did see midnight but only briefly when I woke as the fireworks outside started  so at least I could turn to say happy new years to my hubby before going back to sleep.

Think back to 5- 6 years ago and staying up would have been no problem, a few small drinks and the fun of new years was all within my grasp.  J was in bed for 7 so I could have stayed up.. but growing a baby takes a lot of my energy I've decided an its just dawned on me in 13 weeks Ill be starting maternity leave for what I'm expecting will be my last time.

I am still full of anxiety with this pregnancy, my next goal is for the 4th of Jan when Ill be 24 weeks.. My goal is to get to that viability stage then not go into labour in that week like I did with J . I am progressing with this pregnancy small goals at a time, it is my coping mechanism.

I'm still waking on day at a time and now its 2016 its becoming more and more realistic I will have another little baby in a few months !


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