Sunday, 27 April 2014

Over the past couple of weeks, I have given particular time thinking of messages that in itself are seemingly insignificant,  that can have a huge impact on your life. These thoughts were sparked by a message I received through

But firstly lets just take this back a moment, back 11ish years ago.

I was sat in an yahoo chatroom chatting to some friends just having a laugh, as a fair proportion of them I also knew offline.  Well this one day I noticed one of the guys in there I had got to know only online as he lived the other side of the world, didn't seem himself.  So me being me, I decided to send him a message, I hadn't spoken to him really before privately and just sent him one word "smile" just from that simple message, one thing led to another.  I am now sat on the sofa next to him, over the other side of the world from where I was when I sent that message, having been married 10 years to him so far and have a son with him.

Now back to the message received a couple weeks ago. After my son was born I wanted to trace back as much family as I could for when he got older. My dad died when I was a child and didn't really get a chance to know that side of my family.  I was lucky to have a couple of  meetings with my dad's sister and her family but had lost contact when I was a teenager due to circumstances in my life.  I did try amd locate her a number of years later but due to the popularity of her surname it proved fruitless

I used the free trial on to do some tracing, however due to finances I had to cancel it after a month or so because needed a worldwide membership . In the time though I had got a significant tree mapped.

Fast foward a couple of years and I hadn't done much to the tree on the site but got a message from a lady's friend who had stumbled on my family tree link and sent a message. I emailed her to find out she was my dad's cousin, she didn't know of me and I of her. She was able to send me some pictures of my dad and best of all over easter she got intouched with my Aunt and then sent me her email so after so many years we have now reconnected.

I realised sometimes I have put off sending that message or enquiring on something and maybe now I should, you never know where it will lead.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014
One of my new years resolutions is to sit down and do all the bits I wanted to do over the past couple of years but kept putting off.

One of these was using all the pictures and videos I have taken of my little J , with the primary goal to make a DVD for him for years to come

I shed a few tears creating this first one, but it was worth it, so decided I would share them as I make them

Please enjoy

Please post a comment to let me know what you think of my first attempt of making this video

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It is time to say goodbye to 2013, and as I was thinking about 2013 and all that its thrown at me, my family and close friends, some good, some fantastic, then some bad and some horrible. I didn't realise how much happened in 2013, so to summarise it briefly:

I saw 2013 in, on morphine due to pain
Found out I was pregnant, after scan seen a heartbeat beating away, then a week later started to miscarry ( and a prolonged miscarriage as well)
Husband had a hernia operation that went successfully and he healed quickly
J turned 2 and had a wonderful birthday
J had his language and understanding test which he failed ( but later on caught up to a degree)
Stepson found out his grandmother had cancer, lungs, ovaries and brain, in April, she passed away in September
A friend and colleague took his own life at only 40
A couple of days after my colleague, another friend in his early 40s died of a blood clot
I applied for Indefinite leave to remain in the UK in pay ( was granted it in October YAY !!!)
J got discharged from his Consultant, he had been under since discharge from neonatal care ( YAY but scary ! )
J's 2 year development check went better than could hope
My uncle from Home came over to the UK  who I hadn't seen in over 11 years, and he is the only member of my family my Hubby and the boys have gotten to meet ( though did leave me home sick but was fabulous at same time )
2 of my friends suffered miscarriages
2 friends had failed IVF
A friend's husband left her
Met one of my neighbours, who become friends with ( who the poor lady ended up getting evicted due to no fault of her own and having a crap Christmas)
Had a breast cancer scare and a DVT scare
Had a fantastic Christmas at home, seeing J's face made it so perfect

(a lot more also happened  but just pulled out a few key things for 2013)

So as I say goodbye to 2013, and hope that 2014 will bring us a lot more happier times :)

( as you see above is why my blog kinda left dormant for a while, but as one of my new year resolutions to get back to this you should hear more from me ! )

Happy new year everyone !


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